Start- One Small Step. Big Rewards

Most of the time, I am a thinker. I think a lot. Maybe even a tad obsessive depending on the topic. I’m often really straight forward and extremely direct; totally to a fault. The thoughts don’t stay in my head too long, but sometimes the words are pretty hard to get out. Succinct isn’t always my specialty. My husband often tells me- get to it lady! Your point? I have even had people tell me, keep some thoughts and feelings inside, you know, hold a little more closer to the vest. Why? I don’t get it. My momma (and Popeye) once said “I Yam what I Yam” For me, that’s totally true. And, what I “Yam” right now is trying. Trying to decide what direction this blog should take. Trying to decide what’s appropriate and fun to share. Trying to determine what people will like to read. Trying to determine my own ‘brand’ of frugal living tips. There’s Pinterest piles on budget templates, crazy coupon ladies, and investment pros. Why is this blog different? Why read this our advice? Self-doubt asked me all the same things. Can we actually start this new blog and some day, one day, build a following like the cool kids all over the internet? We could do it, right? We both have an MBA for goodness sake! OK. Stop. Sometimes, you have to Stop to Start. I am totally onboard, pumped, and really trying to make this blog something fun and different. We both read blogs every day. I can literally feel myself in them some days. Especially the mom blogs. Boy, can I relate to the mom blogs. I know I can do that too, but I just need one small step. I need to ‘start’. Starting is the hardest part right- ask Jon Acuff. I read his book and you should too- you guessed it- it’s called “Start.”

So my “Frugal” tip for the day. Don’t sell yourself short before you even begin. If you can’t believe in yourself, no one else will. And truly believing that you can do something, start something, is probably one of the best foundational building blocks to living a frugal lifestyle. You can’t build that fully paid for dream home without pouring the foundation first or without picking up the hammer and nailing the first nail. Truly winning at life by living within your means is just like anything else. Just take that first baby step. Figure out that budget, change your 401k rate to save more for your retirement, make better financial choices, and come up with some ideas that will lead to living life to its fullest while not spending millions. You totally can. Walk along with us and our family as we try, we start, we live and hopefully we inspire you a little along the way.


Two Cent Tip: Check today to make sure you are capturing all of the ‘match’ your company offers for your 401(k) or 403(b) plan. For example, a plan might tell you, we will match up to 2% of the first 4% contribution. Meaning, you should invest at least 4% to get your ‘free money’ from your employer. That’s just one way to ‘start’ today.


-Written by Christina Fitzsimons

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