Saturday: the best laid plans

Usually on Saturday morning, I wake up and I go to “Zumba” at 9am. It’s taxing some weeks. I work all week, and work hard might I add, and then I have to force myself to get in gear by 8:30 to make the class. It’s only $5 and I don’t pay for the gym so from a frugal standpoint it’s not bad. However, this morning, I couldn’t do it. I woke up and just wanted to hang with my family. I got up, made coffee and then grilled up some bacon and eggs. Then, I had a thought, let’s go for a family bike ride. It’s free. The trail is great. We will all go. So we got in the car and headed to town. We parked. We rode our bikes hauling an extra 60 pounds with the two kids about 3 miles down the trail to a cute little park where the kids wanted to play. It was so nice. It was shady. There were swings. I wanted to sit and relax and feel the tiny cool breeze under the oak trees. Nope. Instead, my 4 year old announced she had to go potty. It was an emergency- #2. We packed up and rushed about 2 miles of the 3 back to the market and brewery where there are public restrooms. We pedaled our bikes so hard and so fast in 100+ degree heat and humidity we were all red and shaky. My husband plops her on the potty. No go. She never went. We were exhausted. We only did about half the ride we wanted to and we were dripping wet in Florida sweat. We rushed rushed rushed to be sure to get her there. And, yet- my angel just decided- no go- nada. We know she didn’t plan to rush us and increase our heart rate tenfold so we could get her on that public potty seat. But, come on little lady- seriously. Luckily, we landed at our local brewery and we bumped into two different sets of friends. Our best laid plans for exercise got interrupted by a beer and some fun and letting the kids run around on the grassy knoll the brewery put in for that purpose. We ended up staying about an hour and grabbing a beer (a splurge because they are 5-6$ each. More with tip!) So, though our plan was to get in shape and exercise as a family, a mid-day drink and fun with friends is a great back up. After we left we went straight to our favorite discount grocer and did a huge shop to stock up for the week. So, all in all, it was a good day anyway.

Two Cent Tip: Change of plans sometimes means spending unexpectedly. Be sure to “make up” for that extra spend in other places. We like to spend some of our “misc” money on experiences with friends. You may like to splurge on a spa treatment, nails, or Starbucks. Whatever you do, if you spend some money unexpectedly be sure to make up for it somewhere else in the budget.

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