Getting Back on Track

Life. It’s not easy. Every day you wake up and put two feet on the ground. I, for one, wake up thinking I will conquer the world. I will get everything accomplished I need to. It’s now time to be a work super star 9-5, and then come home and be super mom to my two kids. Riiiiiight. That never happens. In reality, I rush to get ready like a certifiable crazy woman running around yelling about hair brushing, mismatched socks, and shoes on the right feet. I attempt to feed the natives, shove a granola bar in my purse, make and then grab coffee (on a good day) while I scream to my husband as I wander out the door, waving goodbye, and praying my two kids make it to daycare promptly in one piece and with everything they need for the day. Water Day. It’s summer ‘activity’ season. We always forget darn water day. Oh and ‘Jesus rocks’ money! We may be ‘frugal forward’ by nature, but our kids need to learn to give to those less fortunate, so yeah a dollar for that program too- grab the piggy bank! With all that ‘life’ happening around us the ‘things’ I want to do, like starting on this new blog adventure, just doesn’t surface to the top. It’s June. Really almost July. I last posted on my new fabulous blog in March. That feels sad and discouraging, but I just need to tell myself Rome wasn’t built in a day either. And, most of the coolest ‘bloggers’ started out time challenged. Right? No successful blogger started off as ‘thoroughly read.’ I am guessing most initially struggled to post weekly, or monthly even in this case. Right now, this is a pretty fun hobby. It’s a place I can share my thoughts with the world. And maybe, one day, my writing skills can give me some more freedom. It could give us just a little extra wiggle room. My blog one day could mean the future possibility of seeing my kids more often, and hugging my husband a little longer. But, right now, our family is working so hard on the daily grind, I never even look up. It’s head down, move forward and just keep swimming. “Dory” would be proud. My brain forgets things pretty quickly like my blue finned friend too. I know the crazy cycle has to stop. I want it to change. The only way to change though is to listen to the advice I received from my husband last night. I was sitting on the floor Sunday night with my head in my hands literally with raw emotional tears streaming down my face thinking about repeating the work week. Each week, we are running toward the wall so fast, we are barely keeping our heads above water with two working parents, two kids, and no family around at the moment to help us. We are both professionals and 9-5 isn’t 9-5. I have a major, out-of-whack daily commute too. People comment and ask if I am insane all the time with the more than hour each way drive each day so that adds to the stress around our house. Add to that recent leadership changes for both of us, usual corporate politics, and plain old lame drama and it’s a recipe for crazy— doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I will be crazy no more. I am going to set on a course today to change. Be the change you want to see in the world, and today that starts with me and with you. Be different. Don’t let the grind get to you or let people beat you down. That’s on them, not you. Take a chance. And, if that means staying up a little longer than the rest of your entire household, typing away on your computer while your husband is totally passed out from exhaustion with his hand slightly hanging over your body, just snoring away- then so be it.

Two Cent Tip: Keep stress at bay the frugal forward way. A used elliptical or treadmill at home costs way less than a gym membership. When times get tough, exercise can keep you sane and healthy. Do it cheap and do it at home. Just be sure you are properly motivated to get your butt up and going without paying that recurring fee that usually forces you to get your ‘value.’ My $80 craigslist find has been getting some good use lately.

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