Our Approach

Who says being frugal means scant? OK, maybe a thesaurus but not us! Living a thrifty lifestyle doesn't mean you spend your life cutting things out. It means you look for fun and creative ways to thrive. The more you play the game the better it gets. We find ourselves, after years and years of practice, always thinking about the ways we can reuse, re-purpose, or just plain save funds. Even as practiced as we are, we still find ourselves coming up with new ideas daily. Whether it be a home décor item, "shopping" our insurance policies, or looking for the best "deal" when planning our next party, we always have the thought of being "Frugal Forward" in mind. What does that mean you ask? Well, it means being Financially fashionable.

Our Story

We aren't paupers and we could easily choose to be "normal." But, why? Our family gets compliments on our outfits, our home, our parties, and our trips all while we spend significantly less than those neighbors everyone is trying to impress, you know "The Joneses." We move "forward" in a way that's more frugal than most and people notice. The more and more our family and friends kept asking us to share our tips and tricks we thought, well maybe we should? There are people all over the internet claiming to be "experts" in frugal living. So, are we truly "experts"? When did that happen? It must have been somewhere in-between cash flowing two MBA degrees, paying off hundreds of thousand of dollars in debt and already having saved substantial funds toward our retirement by our early thirties. So, stick with us as we share our own personal story of living a blessed, fun, fabulous, and most importantly frugal life!


Meet the Team

JD and Christina have spent two decades together living, learning, and earning their way to Frugal Freedom.

JD Profile Photo

J.D. Fitzsimons

Papa Bear

I'm the weekend warrior, Mr. Fixit, get my hands dirty on the weekends guy.  My dad instilled in me a love of building and fixing things.  If I can put the same money I would have paid someone toward purchasing a new tool and figuring it out myself, yeah why not.  Plus then I know how things work.

C Profile

Christina Fitzsimons

Mama Bear

I'm your 'typical' hustling Mama but with a distinct flair for numbers, deals, and knowing a good thing when I see it.  I'm the hunter, bargain shopper, negotiator, thought starter and serial entrepreneur. I am a child rear-er, scout leader, wine drinker, activity/travel planner, and the one who kisses all the physical and emotional boo boos- even Dad's.

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