Projects on a dime anyone can achieve without spending a fortune.

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Budgets and Saving

Monthly templates and saving tools to amass enough to retire but live a life of luxury everyone envies.

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Never. Pay. Full Price. Who does that? Ways to save without giving up a thing!

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Frugal Forward: a family who saves together stays together

We are the Fitz Family. A family of four who loves spending time together, home projects, camping, travel, and the finer things in life. Yet, we enjoy our life more but spend less than all of our peers. We shop thrift. We reuse. We recycle. Yet, we constantly get comments and compliments on our home, our outfits, our travels and adventures, and our charmed life. Here we share our secrets on living a life you love yet spending less than everyone around you.


Frugal Freedom

Join the Frugal revolution and learn to save without sacrifice today